Jason D. Watson

Is a managing partner at J.S.O. Funding Solutions, President of InREFco (International Renewable Energy Facilitation Co., President of The Tribal Consultant and Exclusive E2E TECH 40 MW Power Station Global Distributor.

Location - Chico, California Area
Industry - Renewables & Environment, Sustainability & Funding

Jason is the “Deal Maker”.  He has strong negotiating skills, exclusive technology partners, many financial partners and resources and a global network of contacts that allow him to get the job done anywhere in the world.

Jason is the President of InREFco.  (International Renewable Energy Facilitation Company)  He is committed to helping communities around the world harness local renewable resources and provide solutions to many of the world’s challenges.

To Jason, Zero waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused.  He strongly supports projects and technologies that promote Zero Waste.

Jason brings personal relationships to financial partners that offer a variety of solutions to your financial needs. PPA loans, hard money loans, bridge loans, debt or equity loans, including 100% PPA Financing for any project or company with investment grade entities worldwide!

Jason is also president of The Tribal Consultant.  The Tribal Consultant is a Native American focused consulting company dedicated to partnering with tribes to help develop sustainable communities and independent, sovereign societies.

Jason consults on Renewable Energy Development, Economic Development, Environmental Solutions, Sustainable Living, Project Financing, Government Incentive and Tax Credits & Project Facilitation.

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